PROJECTS FROM 2011 and on

so... I've waited along time for this day...and its coming soon, not quite ready yet.

album cover for jerm ix

a personal peice- fight for your rights

my homie loose tooth

this is a throwdown

what a better way to start off canada day

the resolution is not very good on these pics but I just wanted to show all of you the prints for this Golden era of hip hop series Im doing.

Viva Pancho Mex Blanket print on canvas

Bboy Eagle print on canvas

BBoy Jaguar print

painted at whistler

cover for the latest comic I worked on called "Droppin the Flag", heres a few pages form the comic itself.

this is the garden mind itself where you would plant many different objects and things...
this image is being used as the loading page of Leonardo Davinci among other characters, since this is a t brain training game we thought it would be appropriate to use some of the great minds of our time.

the pieces inspired to do the instal.

Heres an instal at J2 store in Oakridge mall.
 Of coarse this was the one that should have lead the crew in the first place in my opinion...the teacher,poet and scholar...not enough can be said about BDP.
This is the poster version that I'm using for an upcoming show in whistler " State of the Art"
If you cant make the show you can always go to to purchase my works there or on  my other gallery site

Another duo group that I felt was worthy of exposure was EricB and Rakim, for those who know and understand the meaning of dope, theres no more that needs to be said here.
"Public Enemy" is the first of a series I'm currently working on giving thanks to an era of hip hop considered to be the golden era by many.this series will focus on every aspect of hip hop culture,although I thought it was fitting to begin with the spokesmen and women ( the emcee's) the conscious ones at that.This will be an extensive study on the subject and an enjoyable ride along the way, being that this was a huge influential part of my youth .

heres a comic cover I had the privilege to work on ... mainly targeted towards aboriginal youth with FASD, besides the stories themselves I worked on all of the art ,inside and out...5 different stories in 5 different styles.