Old schoolness

Hidden Agenda for facebook

 Hidden Agenda is the game that I work on 9-5 everyday at Popcap games for the past year now it has been a privilege to be apart of this new IP that I helped to manifest.I'm continuing to work on this project , most likely for a while to come... so stay tuned for more updates... I'm working on more characters as well as comic panels for this world as it will be an ongoing experience for the user.
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BC turf designs launch

 This is an idea I've had for a very long time but have been putting it off for some time now, Ive always wanted to create an icon for my home town and what could be better than this... and executed in this style and fashion. Bringing back some old school funk with a new flare and a twist . More to come as you can see this one is carvin' the way for more concepts and characters. you can buy this type of paraphernalia on our online store.